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Thursday           8am-8pm

Friday                7am-3pm

Saturday           8am- noon

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​2.75% processing fee 


what you should bring

Women:  Please wear under garments, a 2-piece swimsuit, or tank and loose fitting athletic shorts. No lotions, topical ointments, oils or make-up on areas of treatment.

Men:  please wear undergarments, swim trunks, or loose fitting athletic shorts. No lotions, topical ointments, or oils on areas of treatment.

The Therapist needs to be able to see your body during treatment to assess it throughout the treatment. Lotions and make-up provide too much slip, preventing the Therapists hands from performing the holds properly. 

MOST IMPORTANT!  Bring an open mind and an open heart!


Total Body- these treatments focus on multiple areas of your body.


                                          Sheila        Jenny

Half-hour treatment             $50            $60

One hour treatment             $85            $95

Two hour treatment            $150           $170 



Specialty Treatments- these treatments focus on particular areas of your body.

Half-hour treatment              $50            $60

One hour treatment              $85            $95

Pediatric (0-12yr)                  $60            $65 

Women's Heath (60 min.)                      $135 

Women's Health- focuses on:

Infertility ProblemsEndometriosisEpisiotomy Scars
Urinary Incontinence



Coccygeal Pain

Pelvic Floor


Painful Intercourse
Lymphedema*Interstitial Cystitis

Menstrual Problems

Problematic Breast

Implant Scars*

Mastectomy Scars * 

Painful Breast

Reduction Scars*

Menopause SymptomsAdhesionsVulvodynia

* These can be addressed during a standard session at no additional charge.

Fascial Facial- releasing fascia around the forehead, eyes, nose, and mouth; helping to reduce and eliminate wrinkles.


Oral- releasing fascia inside the mouth decreasing the need for orthodontic work and relieving TMJ pain.

Sports Releases- these assist with pain management and increase range of motion. Great for runners, golfers, and other sports.

Pediatric MFR- specialized treatment for infants to age 12.